A usefull script to resize DDS textures

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A usefull script to resize DDS textures

Post #1by jim » 21.05.2003, 15:17

Hi all,

I've written a little but very usefull (Win)DOS script.

http://www.celestiaproject.net/~jim/files/downsize_DDS.zip (49,8KB)

This script build from a (large) DDS-file with mipmaps a new DDS-file with the next lower dimension (e.g. 16k -> 8k, 8k -> 4k, 4k -> 2k). The script works very fast and even on a old PC.


Copy your source DDS-file in a folder with all the script files.
Start there by double click on "downsize_dds" the script. Now should a little window appear where the file name of the source DDS-file must be inputed but without ".dds".

e.g. Source file "Mars8k.dds" -> enter: "Mars8k" and press OK

The script produce the new file and add "_s" to file name.

e.g. Source file "Mars8k.dds"
new lile "Mars8k_s.dds"

The script can be remained as often you want without any quality lose. It's possible to build a 2k texture from a 16k map.

- The script works only if the source DDS-file has mip maps.
- The picture quality depends on the quality of the mip maps. If the mip maps was build with box filter (standard of NVTools) then the quality will be not optimal. I recomend to use the cubic filter for the DDS conversion.
- The script was only tested under Win98SE.

Now it's no longer necessary to build large texture packages which contains the same DDS texture with different resolutions !

Feel you free to copy and edit this script !

Bye Jens

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