climate change could kill more than covid19

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climate change could kill more than covid19

Post #1by MagicPoulp » 31.03.2020, 09:01

Climate change touches planetology-geology. Climate change can do more victims than the Coronavirus.

The crisis stopped transport and indirectly carbon emissions. It is a fact. I dont think it is good because many people have a hard time and it is sad.

Venus and its concentration in carbon and how it affect its climate gives a good example of what can happen.

Mammals evolved with micro-organisms adapted to live well below 37 degrees. So they cannot invade our organisms. With climate change microorganisms adapt to live at higher temperature and people will become weaker against them.

There exist certain types of fongi (in eucalyptus forests) that live at high temperatues and cause diseases that do not have any cure (anti-biotics, antibodies and the like)

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