This is really neat!

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This is really neat!

Post #1by Reiko » 17.11.2010, 18:55

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Re: This is really neat!

Post #2by BobHegwood » 18.11.2010, 21:24

Thanks very much for the link Reiko...
Very cool for those of us who are less than physics theorists... :D

Much appreciated here...
Thanks again, Brain-Dead Bob
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Re: This is really neat!

Post #3by PlutonianEmpire » 20.11.2010, 01:21

I like the dramatic music. Cool to see this in HD.
Terraformed Pluto: Now with New Horizons maps! :D

Danny Lorraine II

Post #4by Danny Lorraine II » 24.05.2018, 23:05

is there any way to incorporate this into celestia ? a full size comparison ?

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