Endurance Crater

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Art Vandelay

Endurance Crater

Post #1by Art Vandelay » 01.05.2004, 22:49

Look at this (large) picture
http://www.lyle.org/~markoff/collection ... navcam.jpg
Does anybody think Opportunity can make it in and out again?

Evil Dr Ganymede
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Post #2by Evil Dr Ganymede » 02.05.2004, 00:55

It could probably make it in, but out may be a different matter. More to the point, those rock formations on the opposite rim look like they might lie out of reach of the instrument arm, since I suspect the rover wouldn't be stable on that slope.

It's a rather spectacular image though :)

Bob Hegwood
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Post #3by Bob Hegwood » 02.05.2004, 13:02

I say Go For It...

Let Opportunity do everything else it needs to do first, then send it in as
a final task. That way - if it can't get back out - it will at least have some
spectacular scenery to look at while it awaits doomsday. :lol:

Take care, Bob
Bob Hegwood
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Post #4by HankR » 03.05.2004, 03:32


Where did you find this picture?

- Hank

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