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Post #21by john71 » 20.10.2020, 16:14

Gaia+0+1+2.rar is very nice. It works well with Celestia 1.6.2 rc3.

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200.000.000 star

Post #22by Goofy » 20.10.2020, 21:17

I apologize if I will say nonsense. :oops:
Many of us use very large textures, even up to 128k, modified with toofri's VLT splitting system, in order to load just the right level for the actual distance from the object, avoiding this way to load very huge files, loading just what needed at the moment.
Is it possible to do something like this with the stars, by replacing the distance to the object and its actual geographic coordinates, with coordinates of the sky and used FOV for the stars?
It is probably a stupid idea, or already checked and it turned out to be impossible to carry out, but I have not seen anything about this here, so I put it on the table anyway .... :smile:

Goofy :hi:
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Post #23by Janus » 21.10.2020, 05:37

Before the current world's mess started, which has taken over my life, not a day of in months.
:hi: Love the money, need a break, getting paid to well to let myself care :> :fie:
I was working on this problem as well.

My first method is to start with a 250LY bubble subset of gaia.
Load it and test it out, memory, frame rate, etc.

Then generate another 10LY further, and retest.
Continue this pattern until I hit 1000LY.
After that add 5LY at a time until 2000LY.
If I reach 2000LY, I will generate new sets 1LY further at a time.

My second method is to break the XYZ into a 16^3 grid of +-8 centered on SOL.
Though a +-16 might be better, but also touch on diminishing returns.
Computing which stars belong in each cube is annoying, but not hard.
Then use position and direction to determine which them need to be loaded for display.
Kind of a preclipping thinning of the display list.

Just another couple of personal projects waiting on time.


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