Help for a computer illiterate

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Help for a computer illiterate

Post #1by LindaPeterson » 03.12.2018, 13:54

I have fumbled around blindly in Celestia, in my computer software and in my hardware (figuratively speaking) and still have questions so basic as to probably bumbfound the learned with the depth of my ignorance. Is there a better forum than this one for questions by computer illiterates? As an example, I spent days discovering that I had accidentially hit the "r" key and that "shift-r" fixes it (thanks to the Celestia Users Guide). My immediate questions concern open GL (whatever that is) and whether my settings (whatever they are) are right and why I can only step through four reneder paths instead of five and one of them doesn't match what the guide says I should see.

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Post #2by onetwothree » 03.12.2018, 17:54

Actual number of supported render paths depend on your hardware and software (video drivers). Some old and/or nonstandard extensions are not supported by modern hardware and/or software. So that ok to have only 4 instead of 5, anyway all them but "OpenGL 2.0" are removed from upcoming 1.7.0 version.

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