takescreenshot silently fails

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takescreenshot silently fails

Post #1by krisztian » 12.10.2019, 15:35

i'm totally in the dark here. installed celestia on an amazon linux vm with Xvfb. my init script seems to run fine, but the screenshots it is attempting to save simply does not show up.

the same script ran fine on my box.

celestia.cfg is correctly set, and it is confirmed by the fact that the script indicated in it runs. the user has full rights to the folder, and can cd into it. but even with sudo, it does not save anything.

i looked for the files elsewhere, but they're nowhere to be found.

i can grab Xvfb screens, and i see the script running, but i see no error messages there.

so how do you debug such a problem? how can takescreenshot fail with no indication of error? can i turn on some logging?

what do i check? jpg library seems to be installed, name is "libjpeg-turbo-devel"

the code is this, n is a number

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celestia:takescreenshot("jpg", n .. "_raw")

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