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Visibility of Solar System Objects. New tool - new opportunities !

Posted: 27.08.2018, 19:34
by Croc
A large number of asteroids and comets are created for Celestia.
To manage these multiple objects, use Lua Method - visible.
In the ssc file, for each asteroid or comet, there is a string that makes the object invisible.

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visible false

If an asteroid is found, it will be invisible on the screen:


To make an asteroid or comet visible, you must press the [Vi. Di. Ba.] (See the upper right corner of the screen). The Virtual Discrete Base (Vi.Di.Ba) of asteroids and comets will turn on. The "Vi. Di. Ba. Visibility" panel appears on the screen. When you press [Asteroids31], the asteroids will be visible.
If you press [Comets All !!!] of the comet, you will see:


When a new asteroid or a new comet has appeared, these objects have not yet been added to Vi. Di. Ba. How to quickly see them? We need a new tool for on-line visibility on / off. Such a tool is created by Gironde! :clap: :clap: :clap:
When the [visible] button is pressed, the selected Solar System object is turned on / off !!! :eek:



It is amazing !!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Posted: 28.08.2018, 06:49
by Croc
With standard tools (View Options), you can not disable the planet without disabling objects of other classes. Why disconnect the planet?
On the screenshot, the Hubble and Earth telescope, which blocks the stars:


With the help of a new tool (the "Visible" button), you can turn off the Earth:


One more example. Earth close-up:


We do not see that the Moon is hiding behind the Earth ... Turn off the "Visible" button Earth and see the Moon:


Note. You can not find the "Visible" button? This button indicates the status of the selected object. In this case [Obj. HIDE]

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Added after 4 hours 8 minutes:
The addon author Gironde named the new tool ObjectVisibilityBox.lua
This tool is integrated into the Graphic Tool Menu. See the button to the right of the [Vi. Di. Ba.]:


A list of object classes that can be turned off / on is provided by the ObjectVisibilityBox.lua add-on
If there is no object class in the list, then the button's color is yellow:

Obj.Text- yellow.jpg

If the object is not selected (with the mouse cursor pointed to the emptiness), then on the button the color of the inscription is red:


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Added after 2 hours 15 minutes:
The new tool provides connection / disconnection of single objects, which belong to the 7 classes of objects of the Solar System. See the code snippet:

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   if objclass == "asteroid" or objclass == "comet" -- clickable for asteroid and comet and spacecraft
               or objclass == "planet" -- by Croc
               or objclass == "dwarfplanet" -- by Croc                      
               or objclass == "moon" -- by Croc
               -- or objclass == "minormoon" -- by Croc
               or objclass == "spacecraft"

From the above code it follows that the minorormon class blocked.
Users can unlock it themselves using a simple text editor, removing two dashes at the beginning of the line.
Users can lock rows:

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   if objclass == "asteroid" or objclass == "comet" -- clickable for asteroid and comet and spacecraft
               -- or objclass == "planet" -- by Croc
               -- or objclass == "dwarfplanet" -- by Croc                      
               -- or objclass == "moon" -- by Croc
               -- or objclass == "minormoon" -- by Croc
               -- or objclass == "spacecraft"

The installation procedure for the addon is listed here:

Posted: 29.08.2018, 18:52
by Croc
compare the screenshots:

1. Eclipse-on_Earth-view


2. Eclipse-on_Earth-hide