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understanding lock

Posted: 10.05.2009, 12:35
by astro
I am trying to view the solar system from "above" (ecliptic pole) but locking the Sun Earth direction in the camera.
With this script :

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select { object "Sol" }
follow { }
select { object "Sol/Earth" }
lock   { }

the Earth Sun direction is not locked in the camera, and I can see Earth annual motion around the Sun.
But locking works if I invert "Sol" and "Sol/Earth" positions in the script (except the ecliptic plane is wobbling because it's keeping the projection of the Earth Z body axis fixed on the camera).

Why doesn't the first script work?

Thank you.

Re: understanding lock

Posted: 10.05.2009, 13:46
by selden
It's a bug in Celestia v1.5.1 which is fixed in Celestia v1.6.

The availability of Celestia v1.6.0RC1 for Windows is discussed in the thread

Re: understanding lock

Posted: 10.05.2009, 14:10
by astro
Thank you Selden.
But I am using linux...

I might try to compile 1.6.0 from svn on linux later.