How can i make a start script that takes me to one of my fictional systems (Laxarrion)

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How can i make a start script that takes me to one of my fictional systems (Laxarrion)

Post #1by trappistplanets » 12.04.2021, 14:49

Hey i am wondering how i can make a start up script that when celestia starts up it leaves the solar system and goes to one of my fictional systems (in this case i want the start up to take me to Laxarrion)

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Post #2by Gurren Lagann » 12.04.2021, 15:29

Edit the start.cel script.
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Post #3by Anthony_B_Russo10 » 12.04.2021, 16:29

Also, stop making so many threads Trappist.
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