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All about writing scripts for Celestia in Lua and the .cel system
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Scripting forum

Post #1by chris » 20.07.2003, 19:08

In anticipation of a lot more Celestia script authoring (I hope), here's a new forum dedicated to scripting. Start posting your suggestions, questions, and script fragments . . .


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Post #2by don » 20.07.2003, 23:23

:mrgreen: Yipieeeeee :mrgreen:

Thank you Chris :P

-Don (and lots of other wanna-be script writers too)

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Scripting forum

Post #3by andreysvurdy » 27.05.2018, 00:53

I have? I cant recall that, but Ill believe you.

A scripting forum should wait just until forum is 100 implemented.

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