The Topology of our Universe

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until the Science police come

Post #21by Startyger » 26.06.2006, 16:06

until the Science police come...they like to eat donuts for late night breakfast
"then He smiled at me and my drum"

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Post #22by t00fri » 28.06.2006, 19:28

It was claimed here ... 3&start=44

speedfreek wrote:The universe may indeed be infinite, or it may not - we have no way of knowing this as things stand at the moment. Without violating Einsteins theory that states that nothing can travel faster than light, we will never know the truth. There is no way to look at the universe as a whole entity.

With this form of the statement, I have to disagree. If the Universe is infinite we will never be able to prove it. True. Yet if the Universe is finite and

1) it is multiply connected ( e.g. "3d-doghnut" topology (3-torus), ...) and
2) the CMB "sphere" tends to intersect the finite base Universe "cell"

[see my earlier post ... 1&start=16

then we have a chance of observing repeating (circle) patterns in the microwave background data (CMB) or even multiple images of the SAME galaxies in different stages of their evolution!

Here are some nice respective discussions that save me some work: ... ction7.htm ... 0000000000

In summary,
We do have a chance for convincing experimental clues in case of a finite Universe, but we also have to be lucky...

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