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Maps, Textures, and stuff.

Post #1by ILikeSaturn » 04.10.2020, 00:49

Anyway, I discovered some program called Starry Night (old version, 1998), and it contained some stuff I want to show you.

this old version of Starry Night lets you export the textures by copy and pasting it. It also lets you add and customize planets and textures.
Here's an Image of Saturn (and Mimas) and its texture:


Jupiter and Io:
planets1.jpg (7.58 KiB) Viewed 2907 times

Jupiter's texture:

Ganymede's texture. (Originated from: ... mede-Preliminary-Pictorial-Map.)

Io's texture (Originated from:

I still don't know how they managed to get those kind of maps without grids and labels. Heck, I even seen it on space software from the 90's.

Voyager Animation Texture Maps:
So, who made the texture maps of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and their moons? Well, it's actually not Jim Blinn, but Don Davis. Yep, he was the one who made them. I contacted him by email and this was his response.

Don Davis<> Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 12:16 PM

Hi, the first such JPL planet encounter texture map was of Saturn for the Pioneer Saturn mission. It was done by Blinn or his brother as I recall. For the voyager animations Rick Sternbach was hired for do the four large moons. I was later hired to do Saturn and it’s moons and things went so well I did Uranus and Neptune ant their major moons. All these listed above were the first planet texture maps ever made.

Go contact Rick Sternbach if you want texture maps of Jupiter's moons (I think).

You can contact him at However, some of his works are copyrighted, so it means that if he lets you borrow his old texture maps, please use it for rendering, and credit him. I tried to contact him about HOW he managed to upload his Neptune map from the Voyager animations, probably by hacking his very old computer :think:

I will add more stuff, such as my unreleased texture maps.

Added after 7 minutes 28 seconds:
Here are some of my unreleased textures. These are from Redshift 3, and some maps are based on Voyager shaded relief maps. IT'S BEST TO NOT LOOK AT THE POLES, since they didn't blend well and caused seams, so I erased stuff smoothly. I may also use a new map technique instead of mapping the equator and poles.
Jupiter's Moons:
Inner Planets:
I may add them to my wiki if I have time. I'm also planning to restore the Voyager animations, since they were recorded on VHS.
You can meet me in Planet Texture Maps Wiki!:
- ILikeSaturn
My website:
For some reason some of my maps in my website are low quality due to compression, so DM me for the actual maps.

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