My theory of the existense of other universes

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My theory of the existense of other universes

Post #1by kristoffer » 07.01.2013, 10:59

this is how I am explaining how it is different universes. It shows that every Universe has an own parallel universe. And we are living in some kind of a Megaverse(Mega-universe). To enter a parallel universe, you need to travel inside the gate, foward to an another universe. But there is a way inside this area. Then you travelling through a wormhole. And the wormhole will get you to a parallel universe.

As you see here, the circles at the edge is several universes, 7. Each one of them have a parallel universe. The line between these universes are gates, or portals, to enter an another universe. But inside this portal, there is a way, going through a wormhole, which leads to a parallel universe.

Actually, I am creating this to a sci-fi story I am writing.
In the reality, I believe that there are existing other universes.

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