My Official farewell!

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Don. Edwards
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My Official farewell!

Post #1by Don. Edwards » 20.11.2010, 05:57

Hello Fellow Celestia Users,

I decided to post this in this section as it just doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.

Its been several months now since I returned from a hasty retreat from the site over personality issues with our intrepid moderator.

I had hoped that the site would return to some normalcy, but that doesn't seem to be possible. The main reason being Chris has utterly failed to returned all the old user accounts folders back to the server after the big hardware update/fiasco. This was a major blow to allot of us, I personally had well over six years of posted images and download links hosted from my user account folder. Now all of this material is gone. I know its all backed up somewhere, but lets face the fact that until Chris returns the user accounts folders it is essentially gone.

This and the fact that there has been next to no interest in the release of the Terraformed Mars project, I have pulled it and have basically stopped doing any planetary texture work. I might release a lower resolution 8k texture pack but don't count on it. The 16k and 32k packages I am sorry to say are being kept by me as they have possible commercial value and that's all I can say on that subject and that I must maintain the copyright.

I have been approached by a few members of the Orbiter team that are interested in some of my textures and getting them converted for Orbiter. Don't be surprised those of you that use both applications to fine a texture here and there by me, but no promises there either.

So yes after nearly 8 years I am turning in my Celestia tools and moving on.

I have started working with a group that are making textures of the human body for hyper realistic rendering in 3D applications. I find it much more of a challenge and the need to stay as close to the "real" a nice change.

So, it has been great working and talking with all of you over the years, those old timers that are still around that is. Those that aren't and do come by in the shadows, and we know you guys are out there, so long.

Its been a great ride but lets face the facts, rides do come to an end and you do have to get off in order for the next person to get on. That's were I am at today.

Good bye and good luck to all of you.

Don. Edwards

I have amended my digital signature with the information about my status on the site. If anyone has a texture creation question I would be willing to answer it, other than that I will not answer any querries about lost or missing texture downloads.
Thank you.
I am officially a retired member.
I might answer a PM or a post if its relevant to something.

Ah, never say never!!
Past texture releases, Hmm let me think about it

Thanks for your understanding.

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Re: My Official farewell!

Post #2by abramson » 20.11.2010, 13:20

Bye, Don. Best wishes.

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Re: My Official farewell!

Post #3by Reiko » 20.11.2010, 18:26

Nooooooo! I have been looking forward to your Mars and Pandora! :o

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Re: My Official farewell!

Post #4by fungun » 20.11.2010, 21:28

Good luck, Don.

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Re: My Official farewell!

Post #5by bh » 20.11.2010, 22:49

Cheerio (again) Don, me old pixel pusher... sounds like you've some nice stuff to do... I wish you all the best.


LordFerret M
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Re: My Official farewell!

Post #6by LordFerret » 22.11.2010, 03:47

I didn't know you that well, but -
My best wishes to you in all you do where ever you go, and I thank you for all your contributions here.

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Re: My Official farewell!

Post #7by rilett33 » 23.11.2010, 08:34

Very good and wise decision!
I'm leaving with you :lol:


Fenerit M
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Re: My Official farewell!

Post #8by Fenerit » 23.11.2010, 13:28

Ahem... This is uncorrect: Don is/was a longstanding member of the community signed in to port and share knowledges in graphic art; its departure is not of the same level of our controversy, started for very different motivations and nonetheless settled down by my part:
fenerit wrote:Rilett33, you post above is clear, calm and moreover truly acceptable! Were you firsts that I criticized, as I've explained further; even because now is evident that you are not a new kind of bot, that is a person that willing enter in the forums for then disturbing members.
You are welcome, of course.

Never at rest.

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Re: My Official farewell!

Post #9by ajtribick » 23.11.2010, 18:37

Ouch! Sorry to see you leave, it was via the HD 28185 add-on development pictures that I found Celestia in the first place. Good luck in your future endeavours.

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