The Sky at Night Appreciation Thread

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Re: The Sky at Night Appreciation Thread

Post #41by t00fri » 22.03.2013, 13:52

Thanks Bob,

sending a snow ball over to Germantown...


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Re: The Sky at Night Appreciation Thread

Post #42by TERRIER » 23.03.2013, 12:10

abramson wrote:I have been contacted again by the producers of The Sky at Night. My images of comets PanSTARRS and Lemmon will show up on unday 7th April, BBC1 and Thursday, BBC4, 11th April. I cannot watch the programme from Argentina, but someone else could be interested. Have you seen comet PanSTARRS? It was beautiful, and two bright comets together were a special treat from our skies.

Cheers for posting the broadcast times Guillermo, you spared me the job this month :lol:
I'll look out for the images, and maybe the show will be available on the Sky At Night website at a future date.

As with Bob and Fridger, the skies above West Yorkshire are currently thick with snow, in fact it's the most snowflakes to land on my house in the 13 or so years that I've lived here - roll on the summer!
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Re: The Sky at Night Appreciation Thread

Post #43by bh » 20.04.2013, 21:20


Just saw your image on the programme tonight... super!


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Re: The Sky at Night Appreciation Thread

Post #44by abramson » 20.04.2013, 21:44

Thanks, Bob. I don't know if I posted my images here. Please go to my Flickr photostream to view some more, starting with this one of Lemmon and 47 Tucanae and backwards from there.


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