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Question for a planet

Post #1by GuadalupeSullivan » 21.06.2019, 06:19

My friend inspired me to make a planet that had one, immense ocean that filled an equally tremendous impact crater (or was terraformed into it, either way, the planet had a very big, circular ocean.) As I started to design the world, I ringed the ocean with vegitation that gradually thined until at the opposite side of the planet, it is desert. Would this be a realistic rendering of such a world? What would be the climatological effects of having a singel, roughly circular ocean be? The planet is not tidally locked, and orbits a Sol-like star at roughly the same distance as Earth, with a similar atmosphere and gravity.

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Post #2by selden » 04.07.2019, 23:45

If you haven't already done so, you might try asking your question on the Web Forum
Some of its contributors seem to be quite knowledgeable about climatological effects.

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