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Black hole web site

Posted: 28.06.2006, 20:02
by Cham
Here's the link to a new (?) black hole web site. Nicely done. I didn't had time to explore everything there, but seems to be a very good place :

Posted: 28.06.2006, 20:18
by ElChristou
The lens effect shown around the BH is pretty atttractive... Again a simulation of this effect would be nice within Celestia...


Posted: 29.06.2006, 18:26
by Startyger
Nice!! i love this site lol

why was buddah hiding in a black hole add on? i thought that was hilarious

Posted: 29.06.2006, 19:03
by ajtribick
On a related but somewhat tangential note, some people have modified the raytracer POVray (unmodified versions here) to handle a Schwarzschild metric: paper (pdf), and some movies. Pity the code hasn't been released though.

Posted: 03.07.2006, 04:45
by Cham
There's a nice artistic view of a black hole there :

Posted: 28.11.2006, 23:06
by s3nn0c
Here is the best black hole visualization I have ever seen:

Look at colors at accretion disk, look at colors of jets...

Posted: 29.11.2006, 02:40
by Cham
Nice picture !

The color variations are an exageration (maybe not) of the extreme gravitationnal redshift of light. There's no way we could reproduce this in Celestia, since it's dependant of the observer's position.

Posted: 18.01.2007, 05:32
The picture look awesome.Well the resources listed

covering the concept of Black Hole is amazing.I wonder sometimes about the

creation and the concepts all around the universe.Good Information.