Giant 500 Km impact crater found in Antarctica

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Just a Craaaaaaaaazy thought

Post #21by Startyger » 26.06.2006, 15:48

I know many people here might think this is schtoopitz.. but, here's a question...

God tells Noah... there'll be a flood in 120 years... Being far enough away from the impact zone... Noah might not have recorded that God used a big rock to initiate the deed. Did God say 120 years because it would take Noah that long to build the big boat? or... Was there some other timing involved... I've read about the effects of ssuch cataclysmic strikings... including supercyclones etc...

So, my question ... could such a thing go unoticed by a human man living in Northwestern Asia?.... of course... i knowo you guys are talking millions of years.. or billions of years...(despite the decay rate of the magnetosphere...then again it flips n changes etc..) but, i just want to know.. could its approach go un noticed?
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