Ocultation and Science Festival

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Ocultation and Science Festival

Post #1by ElPelado » 27.04.2005, 00:18

Just wanted to tell that two horus ago an ocultation took place: it was the red gigant Antares ocultated by the Moon. I think it was not seen from the US neither Europe but it was seen here. I saw it ;)
I wanted to take pics but I had some problems so I couldnt...

Today there was a science festival on an important science institue in my city and the night was dedicated to astronomy. There were 4 lectures: Cassini's mission to Saturn(it was more pointed to Titan and Huygens than Cassini itslef), then one about the black hole in the center of the galaxy, then about asteroids and comets and the risk of an impact on Earth and the last one about ocultations: from simple eclipses to ocultationes of planets, stars and even to ocultations that have some effects predicted by Einstein, gravitational lenses. Very interesting...
The people there also built a scheme of the solar system in real scale. The sun's diameter was 14 cm, 1 AU was 15 meters, etc etc. The rocky planets were small light balls and the gas gigants were a little bigger. Pluto(which shouldn't have been inlcuded) was at ~460 meters from the Sun. It was really impresive, the distances, diameters... one of the things that most impressed me was that when we were at the Earth, we look back at the sun, and it seemed to have the same size that the sun has in the sky...
A very interesting evening....

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