Whither Stellar Age data?

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Whither Stellar Age data?

Post #1by Cormoran » 22.04.2004, 07:59

Hi folks,

Can anyone point me in the direction of tabulated stellar data that includes the star's estimated age?

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Post #2by Evil Dr Ganymede » 23.04.2004, 05:58

Try the Geneva Stellar Evolution Grids. Click on one of the links in the Grids columns (I think you'd be most interested in the Z=0.001 and Z=0.020 grids, they're subdwarfs and solar metallicity respectively), click on the link there, read the page to figure out what the columns are, and you actually download the data from the link near the top that says "The catalogue can be queried from...".

It's where I got all my stellar evolution stuff for Traveller from. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with all that right now. I might put it on my website eventually, but I'm on a backburner from worldbuilding right now.

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Post #3by Paul » 23.04.2004, 09:12

Another useful database for general astronomical data is VizieR:



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