Hubble discovers a REALLY old planet...!

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Hubble discovers a REALLY old planet...!

Post #1by Evil Dr Ganymede » 11.07.2003, 00:24

This system might be fun to make in Celestia (though I'm not sure if one can put it in a globular cluster...)

Hubble's found a 13 BILLION year old jovian planet, orbiting a white dwarf/neutron star pair in the M4 globular cluster, nearly 5,500 lightyears away. That's nearly three times as old as the Earth!

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Post #2by Paul » 11.07.2003, 01:37

Whoa! This has major implications for the probability of extraterrestrial life. If planets have been forming for twelve billion years even in globular clusters, there must be immeasurably more of them in the Universe than originally thought. Excellent!


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Post #3by brunetto_64 » 21.07.2003, 18:18

more informations at this site:
and ... lanets.htm

the coordinates are :
Distance from Sun: 12399.4 Light Years ( but also 3.8 kpc...)
Right Ascension: 16 23 38.24
Declination: -26 31 53.9

Who want made the ssc and stc file??? :D

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Post #4by Rassilon » 22.07.2003, 23:21

Ill give it a whirl...Ive been meaning to make a new pulsar model anyways...
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