Geographic coordinates with JPL Horizon

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Geographic coordinates with JPL Horizon

Post #1by Astro_Fox » 21.03.2021, 08:28


I have a question, or Problem:
I want to get Geographic coordinates from the JPL Horizon System which can be used to generate ephemerides for solar-system bodies:

I use the options:

Current Settings
Ephemeris Type [change] : OBSERVER
Target Body [change] : Moon [Luna] [301]
Observer Location [change] : Geocentric [500]
Time Span [change] : Start=2020-12-14, Stop=2020-12-15, Step=1 m
Table Settings [change] : QUANTITIES=14
Display/Output [change] : default (formatted HTML)

It is the Solar eclipse from 14.12.2021.
I get:
Date__(UT)__HR:MN ObsSub-LON ObsSub-LAT
2020-Dec-14 16:14 3.497441 0.408231
However the Data do not match them from Espenak:
Lat 40S, Long68W
I just use the eclipse for cross checking the output from Horizon.
I just want to get geographic geocentric Latitude and Longitude from Planets of our Solar System.

Has anyone an idea How I get the data?

Thanks for answers


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