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Other exotic space objects

Posted: 06.10.2020, 19:50
by SVision
Hello evreryone :wink:

Recently, the Universe seems to be challenging a person by showing something that we could not have imagined before.

Now science admits the existence of bluenets (planets that formed around a black hole) of quark planets that can be less than a meter but hotter than many stars of quark stars boson star of gray hole electroweak stars MECO (Magnetospheric eternally collapsing object) dark planets, etc.

This is a topic to dream up, but to dream up scientifically

What else do you think is theoretically possible in the Universe about which we can not guess? :smile:

P.S stars from hypothetical photon matter, gluonium stars are all boson star.
Photon and gluons belong to bosons.