About Light Speed Travel

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About Light Speed Travel

Post #1by Alextang » 15.06.2018, 07:35

Hi all! I am new to this forum and so eager to discover Celestia. I have one query following:

The light takes aproximately 8 mins to reach earth from the sun. However how much time does the light experience while making the trip? Meaning if someone traveled for 8 mins at the speed of light how much time would he count on his watch? The 8 mins are counted by someone outside the "vehicle".

And if we travel faster than light what decides how long the trip should last? Like would it be instant or negative time and how much of it?

Thanks in advance!

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About Light Speed Travel

Post #2by benjaminthomus » 24.12.2018, 13:28


The speed of light in a vacuum is 186,282 miles for each second (299,792 kilometres for each second), and in principle, nothing can travel quicker than light. In miles every hour, light speed is, well, a ton: around 670,616,629 mph. On the off chance that you could go at the speed of light, you could circumvent the Earth 7.5 occasions in a single second.

Early researchers, unfit to see light's movement, figured it must travel momentarily. After some time, notwithstanding, estimations of the movement of these wave-like particles turned out to be increasingly exact. On account of crafted by Albert Einstein and others, we presently see light speed to be a hypothetical limit: light speed — a consistent called "c" — is believed to be not attainable by anything with mass, for reasons clarified beneath. That doesn't stop science fiction scholars, and even some intense researchers, from envisioning elective speculations that would take into consideration some dreadfully quick excursions around the universe.


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