A moon for a poor dwarf planet

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A moon for a poor dwarf planet

Post #1by FarGetaNik » 20.10.2016, 12:31

The discovery of a moon for 2007 OR 10 was announced: http://www.planetary.org/blogs/emily-lakdawalla/2016/10190940-dpsepsc-update-2007-or10.html now every large TNO has one! Yay :razz:

2007 OR 10 is like the poor stepchild of the Kuiper Belt.It still got no name, and until very recently it just didn't get the attention other dwarf planets got. After so many years we just found out it is the third largest TNO, very dark, red and slowly rotating. It is still no official dwarf planet and now we found out it has a moon, from a Hubble picture taken in 2010. Isn't that data public? Has noone every thought "could this bright spot be a moon?"

It seems there are no orbital parameters determined yet, the same is true for Makemake's moon. So putting it in Celestia is not yet reasonable.

And concerning its name, I think the real problem is that we still got no rule for naming SDO (with the exception of Eris, which should remain a special case). We need a mythological source that can easily generate dozens or hundrets of names, there are a lot of objects in this region!

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Post #2by Joey P. » 25.08.2019, 03:13

Makemake now had one discovered, also in 2016.
Joey P.

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