Alien planet's color detected

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Alien planet's color detected

Post #1by omega13a » 12.07.2013, 00:24 ... 6C10600962

Looks like I'm going to need to recolor some of my gas giants...
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Post #2by CharlottAwong » 29.10.2016, 13:14

This is the first time, I saw a planet so similar to our earth. This should be a con-indicent in weird way. The lines clearly shows the water presence on the planet. But the presense of the aliens is still the mystry.

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Post #3by Joey P. » 25.08.2019, 02:35

There has already been an addon thread for this.
Joey P.

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Post #4by Gurren Lagann » 25.08.2019, 17:52

Joey, can you please stop necromancing threads? Its getting really annoying at this point!

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