Comets found in an another solar system

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Comets found in an another solar system

Post #1by kristoffer » 04.10.2012, 16:26

Comets have been detected, 63 light-years away, in the Beta Pictoris solar system. Beta Pictoris is around 8-20 million years old. ... -belt.html

Comets detected around other stars appear strikingly similar to the most primitive comets in the solar system, researchers say.

The discovery suggests that matter around distant stars mixed in ways similar to the solar system in its youth, scientists added.

Astronomers have detected thousands of alien planets orbiting distant stars. In addition to these exoplanets, scientists have begun discovering vast clouds of extrasolar comets, including balls of ice and rock that may be pelting these far-off worlds. Researchers think massive numbers of comets bombarded Earth billions of years ago, delivering not only the water that now makesup the oceans,but potentially the organic ingredients of life.

Really want to make this as an addon to Celestia, but need the orbit information of these comets
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