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Posted: 28.06.2012, 11:59
by azorni
What can we expect from Pan-STARRS?

From what I understand, this project does astrometry so it will compute the exact position of a lot of nearby objects.

« In addition to the large number of expected discoveries in the asteroid belt, Pan-STARRS is expected to detect at least 100,000 Jupiter Trojans (compared to 2900 known as of end-2008); at least 20,000 Kuiper belt objects (compared to 800 known as of mid-2005); thousands of trojan asteroids of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune (currently eight Neptune trojans are known,[10] and none for Saturn and Uranus); and large numbers of centaurs and comets. »

The first telescope is operationnal and a second one is expected to be next year.

Am I wrong to think this project could bring some awesome data to include in Celestia relatively soon?