Brown dwarf in the Xi Ursae Majoris system

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Brown dwarf in the Xi Ursae Majoris system

Post #1by ajtribick » 28.03.2012, 07:13

Another result from the WISE mission: A T8.5 Brown Dwarf Member of the Xi Ursae Majoris System

WISE J111838.70+312537.9 has common proper motion with the Xi Ursae Majoris system.

The representation of the system in might need an update: I'm not sure that the star we've got as "? UMa C" is actually a confirmed member of the system. From what I can tell it is more likely that ? UMa Bb is a star (probably M or K type) in a nearly face-on orbit rather than a brown dwarf, which I believe is ruled out by the implied total mass of the system.

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