The sky on Belle Hades?

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The sky on Belle Hades?

Post #1by PlutonianEmpire » 27.01.2012, 01:07

Hi, I've read this page on Orion's Arm: ... lienworlds

And the part that sticks out to me the most is the last paragraph, explaining the color of the sky being influenced by the type of sun a particular planet is orbiting.

What that translated into my mind is that my planet, Belle Hades, has a blue sky color, due to Lilith, the primary sun, being a G0V sun, but the second sun, Hades, a K3V, causes the sky to turn maybe a lavender-ish hue during sunrises and sunsets on days it is either first to rise or last to set, but I can't figure out if that is the right assumption. :?

Here are the stats, copypasta'd from my site:

Delta Trianguli

Code: Select all

System Type: Close Binary Star
Distance: 35.2 Light years
Orbital Separation: 0.106 AU (15,857,374.2942 km / 9,853,315.5709 miles)
Orbital Period: 10.0201 Earth Days
Age: 1.9 billion Earth years
Habitable Zone: 1.06659 AU (159,560,698 km / 99,146,421 miles)
Number of Planets: 1
Number of Asteroid/Kuiper Fields: 1

Lilith (Delta Trianguli A, Primary):
Spectral Type: G0V
Mass: 1.09x Sol
Luminosity: 1.12x Sol
Diameter: 0.98x Sol
Temperature: 6,030° Kelvin (5,757° C / 10,394° F)
Rotation Period: 4.96 Earth days
Apparent Magnitude: 4.83 - 4.87
Distance from Barycenter: 0.043 AU (6,463,603.6525 km / 4,016,297.1077 miles)
Individual Habitable Zone: 1.0587 AU (158,385,928.72 km / 98,416,453.362 miles)

Hades (Delta Trianguli B, Secondary):
Spectral Type: K3V
Mass: 0.75x Sol
Luminosity: 0.18x Sol
Diameter: 0.74x Sol
Temperature: 4,730° Kelvin (4,457° C / 8,054° F)
Rotation Period: 3.79 Earth days
Apparent Magnitude 6.83 - 6.87 (2.00 magnitudes dimmer than Lilith)
Distance from Barycenter: 0.063 AU (9,393,770.6417 km / 5,837,018.4632 miles)
Individual Habitable Zone: 0.4215 AU (63,054,570.83 km / 39,180,293.852 miles)

Belle Hades

Code: Select all

Physical Properties:
Diameter: 10,939.2924 km (6,797.3612 miles; 0.8576x Earth)
Mass: 0.6054x Earth
Density: 0.96x Earth (5.2944 g/cm3)
Gravity 0.8233x Earth
Escape Velocity: 9.397 km/s (5.839 mile/s)
Sidereal Rotation Period: 26 hours, 26 minutes, 54 seconds
Day Length: 26 hours, 32 minutes, 49 seconds (based on when the Barycenter reaches zenith)
Axial Tilt: 26.4052°

Orbital Properties:
Orbital Distance: 1.066597 AU (159,560,698.96 km / 99,146,421.74 miles) (Middle of HZ)
Year Length : 296.3975 Earth Days (268.9602 local days)
Eccentricity: 0.0119
Inclination: 1.4662°
Ascending Node: 313.9975°
Argument Of Pericenter: 324.2635°
Mean Anomaly: 177.8046°

(The Inclination, Ascending Node, Argument Of Pericenter, and Mean Anomaly are all relative to the plane of Lilith's and Hades' orbits.)

Surface Pressure: 1.059x Earth (107.303 kPa; 31.69 barometric inches).
Composition: 69% Nitrogen, 27% Oxygen, 0.82% Argon, 0.029% Carbon Dioxide, 3% water vapor.

What are the likely sky colors on Belle Hades, taking everything into account?

Edit: These are the values I'm currently using for the OpenGL 2.0 Atmosphere:

Code: Select all

Mie 0.00112
MieAsymmetry -0.26
Rayleigh [ 0.00103 0.0025 0.0061 ]
Absorption [ 0.0029296875 0.005078125 0.00140625 ]
MieScaleHeight 13.5
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