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Russian "junkyard"

Posted: 24.01.2012, 01:51
by H2SO4
Original Link

Run through google's translator:
Translated link

I found it interesting. Hopefully someone else will.

Re: Russian "junkyard"

Posted: 24.01.2012, 11:37
by t00fri
There are more such graveyards:

Baksan neutrino observatory (in the Baksan gorge, Caucasus)

For example, Baksan Lab contributed to the observation of neutrinos from the Supernova SN 1987a as may be read in my CM thread about the superluminal neutrino claims:

Just click this link
and browse through the photos that impressively illustrate how this laboratory looks today!!!


Re: Russian "junkyard"

Posted: 25.01.2012, 00:12
by abramson
How sad. Why don't they make an exhibition? People would pay to see, to touch that "junk". I have never been at a major USA space centeer, but I keenly remember climbing to an F-1 engine in White Sands...