First planet detected by COROT

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First planet detected by COROT

Post #1by chris » 03.05.2007, 18:00

Very impressive first results from COROT:

This first planet has a radius of 1.8 time Jupiter and a very short 1.5 day orbital period. Ground observations to verify the discovery determined a mass of 1.3 Jupiters. Sensitivity is better than expected, and there's speculation that COROT may be able to detect Earth-sized transiting planets.


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Post #2by andrew2364 » 05.05.2007, 22:11

It's quite amazing. A new world discovered every other day. My young son takes it for granted, but I laugh when I think back to the astronomy books I had when I was young, and how they all agreed that other solar systems were probably very rare and that the Sun might even be unique in having a planetary retinue.

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Post #3by Ynjevi » 12.05.2007, 20:11

Expect for its apparently huge size, the planet is fairly regular. At this point, the more exciting news is that COROT's photometry is far better than anticipated -- it should be able to spot Earth-size planets around red dwarfs and maybe even around orange dwarfs.

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