Huygens' HASI instrument(s) ?

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Post #41by ElChristou » 27.08.2007, 03:11

Cham wrote:
ElChristou wrote:Just note that mine was also a physical argument, you couldn't pack the probe with your articulation!

Not at all ! I already said it before. My mechanism was able to fold the arms along the "belt" of the probe, exactly like it is on the pictures of the real thing (you don't see it on the model pictures given above). That wasn't a problem. Now the friction against the extended arms would destroy my mechanism, with its rotation axis set in the horizontal position. So I need to change it.

Oops, my fault, I haven't see your special mechanism... so sorry...

Hey, Cham, BTW, not sure, but your friction stuff may be bullshit, the arms were open before touch down at a quite small speed... what about digging this?

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Post #42by Diigg » 30.08.2018, 08:39

I know this post is very old, but was this model ever published?

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Huygens HASI instruments

Post #43by Frankderty » 07.04.2019, 00:28

Please pass me opinions/experiences on Falcon Flight instruments. Are they so very much less expensive than other brands simply because they are not tsod or are they simply junk.
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