High and low tides are the result of the earth rotation and of the whirlpools

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High and low tides are the result of the earth rotation and of the whirlpools

Post #1by Yusup » 11.09.2018, 06:29

The discovery was published in the Russian-German scientific peer-reviewed journal “Eastern European Scientific Journal” No. 3/2015. p. 64 June 
Scientific journal "NBICS-Science, Technologies" No.4/2018. p. 104 
(Nanotechnology Society of Russia) 
http://www.nanonewsnet.ru/news/2018/vyshel-chetve ... hurnala-nbiks-naukatekhnologii 
A positive review was received also from the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

There is a strict pattern - tides are formed not along the entire coast of the seas and oceans, but only on those coasts with a high current velocity, and the higher the velocity of the currents, the higher the amplitude of the tidal wave. 
No tides are formed on these coasts where currents do not have a high velocity.

The waters of the lakes, seas and oceans of the northern hemisphere rotate counterclockwise, and the waters of the southern hemisphere rotate clockwise, forming giant whirlpools. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocean_gyre

As is well known, everything that rotates, including whirlpools, has the property of a gyroscope (whirligig) to maintain the vertical position of the axis in space, regardless of the rotation of the Earth.

If you look at the Earth from the side of the Sun, the whirlpools, rotating with the Earth, overturn, twice a day, due to which the whirlpools precess (sway by 1-2 degrees) and reflect a tidal wave from themselves along the entire perimeter of the whirlpool. http://goo.gl/AM5g1s https://goo.gl/images/M4SJq8

The waters of the White Sea rotate counterclockwise, forming a huge whirlpool-gyroscope, which, while precessing, reflects a tidal wave along the entire perimeter of the White Sea. 
A similar pattern of tides is observed in all lakes, seas, and oceans. http://tapemark.narod.ru/more/22.png

The waters of the Mediterranean Sea rotate counterclockwise, forming tides 10-15 cm high. But in the Gulf of Gabes, off the coast of Tunisia, the height of the tides reaches three meters, and sometimes more, and this is considered one of the mysteries of nature. But at the same time, a whirlpool rotates in the Gulf of Gabes, precessing and reflecting an additional tidal wave. https://youtu.be/ihM1I5r_MUg
The tidal wave in the Amazon River is created a huge planetary whirlpool with a diameter of several thousand kilometers, rotating between South America and North Africa, covering the mouth of the Amazon River. 
The pattern of tidal wave movement over the perimeter of the North Atlantic planetary whirlpool. https://youtu.be/ZEhm_ONTQKc

The tidal wave length depends on the whirlpool diameter. And the tidal wave height depends on the whirlpool rotation speed, the Earth orbital velocity, and the whirlpool tilting time (12 hours).
А = V1•V2/t 
where: A - tidal wave amplitude (precession angle). 
V1 - whirlpool rotation speed. 
V2 - the Earth orbital velocity. 
t - whirlpool tilting time (12 hours).

The whirlpool theory of tides can easily be verified by relation between the tidal wave height and the whirlpools rotation speed. 
By the tides height you can determine the speed of the current along the coast, based on a map of sea currents.

Continued. Forum. National Research Nuclear University MEPhI https://mephi.ru/communication/forum/talk/forum13/topic5498/messages/ 
Forum Federal Target Program "World Ocean" http://okeany.com/forum/570.htm
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The whirlpool tide theory can be easily verified by relating the height of the tidal wave to the speed of the whirlpools.
List of seas with an average speed of rotation of the whirlpools of more than 0.5 km / h, and an average height of the tidal wave of more than 5 cm:
Irish Sea, North Sea, Barents Sea, Baffin Sea, White Sea, Bering Sea, Sea of ​​Okhotsk, Arabian Sea, Sargasso Sea, Hudson Bay, Gulf of Maine, Gulf of Alaska. etc..

List of seas with an average speed of rotation of the whirlpools of less than 0.5 km / h, and an average height of the tidal wave of less than 5 cm:
Baltic Sea, Greenland Sea, Black Sea, Sea of ​​Azov, Caspian Sea, Chukchi Sea, Kara Sea, Laptev Sea, Red Sea, Sea of ​​Marmara, Caribbean Sea, Sea of ​​Japan, Gulf of Mexico, etc.
Note: The height of the tidal wave (soliton) and the amplitude of the ebb and flow are not the same.
Typification and zoning of the seas http://proznania.ru/?page_id=2349
Sea of ​​the USSR http://tapemark.narod.ru/more/

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Post #3by Yusup » 05.02.2019, 15:47

Why are tides five times lower in the equatorial zone than in the temperate zone?

According to the lunar theory of tides, the earth's crust at the latitude of Moscow rises and falls twice a day with an amplitude of about 20 cm. At the equator, the range of oscillations exceeds half a meter. (2.5 times more).
Then why, the highest tides are formed in the temperate zones and not at the equator?
The highest tides on Earth are formed in the Bay of Fundy in North America - 18 m, in the mouth of the River Severn in England - 16 m, in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel in France - 15 m, in the lips of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, Penzhinskaya and Gizhiginskaya - 13 m , at Cape Nerpinsky in the Mezen Bay - 11 m.
If it is logical to argue, at the equator the height of the tide should be 35 - 40 meters.
If the Bay of Fundy was at the equator, then the height of the tide was 45 meters.
The whirlpool tide theory explains this discrepancy by the lack of whirlpools at the equator, also cyclones and anticyclones.
For the formation of whirlpools, cyclones and anticyclones, the deflecting force of Coriolis is necessary. At the equator, the effect of the Coriolis force is minimal and in the temperate zones, maximum. https://qph.fs.quoracdn.net/main-qimg-a0730201f0f095995e9cc6c7c9875519

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