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Topic author, Site Admin
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#1by chris » 27.06.2003, 02:16

There's lots of interesting discussion about astronomy that occurs on this board that isn't necessarily related to Celestia but is still of great interest to Celestia users. So here's a new forum for it . . . You may begin chatting now :)


Evil Dr Ganymede
Evil Dr Ganymede
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#2by Evil Dr Ganymede » 27.06.2003, 03:17

Ooh. This is rather fabulous. Thanks a lot, Chris! :) :D

John Van Vliet
John Van Vliet
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#3by John Van Vliet » 27.06.2003, 07:18

hi all

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Re: re

#4by t00fri » 27.06.2003, 17:52

john Van Vliet wrote:hi all

Hi John;-)

is this meant to attract me to your site?

Bye Fridger

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#5by Markk786 » 28.07.2017, 01:51

Hey guys...

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