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Cannot make the "Star wars" addon to work

Posted: 19.03.2006, 00:11
by Lothar_GR
I downloaded from the celestia motherload the model for a imperial star destroyer and a X-wing. When i opened the .zip files inside the readme files said that i needed to download and install Thomas Guilpain's 'Star Wars' addon first. I downloaded it and istalled it, but i still cannot see anything in celestia ( no x-wing :P ). What have i done wrong?

I use version 1.4.1 of celestia, is this the problem? Maybe the "star wars addon" needs a earlier version?

Posted: 19.03.2006, 00:49
by jestr
Hi Lothar,you need to make sure that star HD 143761 is visible in Celestia,I'm pretty sure its in the version you have.To find it press enter/return than type in HD 143761 (including the middle space) then press enter again.You should now see HD 143761 in the top left of your screen.Press g to goto this star,then use the navigation menu to find the planets and spaceships,cheers,Jestr

Posted: 19.03.2006, 01:19
by Lothar_GR
Thanks a lot! :D :D

Allow me to add that ive downloaded your earth texture ( mark I ) and although it runs a bit slowly ( the HD works frantically when i zoom into earth ... i suppose its time to improve my PC :) ) it looks fantastic! Thanks a lot again :D

Posted: 20.03.2019, 08:55
by mixtly87
Hi jestr,

I cannot find the HD 143761 in my Celestia. Version 1.6.1 (Prerelease) for macOS.

Is there a catalog that I should first download and install so that HD 143761 appears in my Celestia? Thank you!

Posted: 20.03.2019, 12:11
by Croc
HD 143761 is in the database hdxindex.dat
This star has alternative designations: HIP 78459, SAO 65024 ...
SAO 65024 is in the base saoxindex.dat
HIP 78459 is in the database stars.dat (ver. 100K / 1M / 2M)

Attention: When searching in the Enter system, this star is not reflected in the list of found!
Type the name of the star and press Enter. Result: