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Purpose of this forum

Posted: 23.05.2003, 21:49
by chris
I added this forum as a place for add-on creators to announce their work, and to make it easier for people to find those add-ons. If you've created a new add-on, post an announcement about it here, along with a download link, description, and images. People are welcome to follow up with comments on the add-on, but the first post in every topic here should be an add-on announcement. Otherwise, I'll delete the topic (or move it to another forum, but I'm lazy, so deletion is more likely.)


Posted: 23.05.2003, 22:04
by selden
Are you thinking about moving all the add-on announcements from the "development" forum to here? Depending on the tools available with phpbb, I can imagine that being easy or difficult...

Posted: 23.05.2003, 22:07
by chris
No. That would be nice, but I don't have the time, so I'll leave it up to the add-on authors to repost old announcements here.


Posted: 23.05.2003, 22:38
by JackHiggins
Thanks chris!! :D This forum has been needed for some time now, and finally we have it!

I see AstroBoy has already posted the first new addon, so i'll follow up with the second!

Mars exploration rovers here we come....

Posted: 23.05.2003, 22:58
by Guest
Will there be a future in file attachments?

Posted: 23.05.2003, 23:18
by the guardian
Was me.

Meaning picture file attachments

Posted: 24.05.2003, 07:33
by Michael
This is a great idea :)

But PLEASE, PLEASE post read-me files so that those of us who are less
computer literate will know how to use them! It drives me crazy to download some really cool addition and then not be able to use it!

Thanks all!

Installing Add-Ons

Posted: 20.05.2005, 20:39
by Killroy
I jsut read the comment on including read-mes, and I had to ask. I just spend all day trying to install the add ons I downloaded (about 1gb worth!), espewcially the hires textures for earth and additional features such as the pyramids. I copied the files into the indicated folders but nothing is happening inside the programme. No evidence of the new textures (press ing r and R). What can I do to use downloadable add-on textures?

Thanks for your help!


Posted: 20.05.2005, 21:06
by selden
You might consider reading ... intro.html

It describes the layout that Addons should use and how to fix some common problems.

Posted: 24.09.2005, 14:17
by selden
I've added this frequently asked question about Addons to the Preliminary User's FAQ:

Why don't Windows and Mac Addons work under Linux?


Always use only lower case letters and numbers in file names. Use only the underscore (_) as word separators, not spaces. Avoid using composite characters.

Too often people are careless with filenames when creating Addons. The capitalization of names must be consistant for an Addon to work under all operating systems.

My_Addon.dsc is not the same as my_addon.DSC and not the same as my_addon.dsc. They are names for different files.

Linux and other Unix derived operating systems can tell the difference between upper and lower case. Linux can have three different and separate files with those names.

If you specify

Code: Select all

Texture "texture.jpg"

in the catalog file, then the filename must be texture.jpg in the textures folders. If the file is named Texture.JPG, Celestia won't find it because that's not the file that it's looking for.

My Add-On

Posted: 27.11.2006, 22:38
by Monolyth
Hey guys....My first time here so be patient with me. I guess from what im reading this is the place to post announcements about new stuff we add. Here goes.....I have recently written a program that helps in scripting Solar Sytem Catalog files. Unfortunately Im recieving no feedback. People are downloading it so im not sure if silence in the feedback is a good thing or a bad thing. In any case I would like some sort of outside opinion to better understand if it is a worth while venture and if so what can be done to improve it. The program is called System Maker v1.3. I threw it together in Visual Basic 6, however the package and deployment wizard is worthless for all intensive purposes so I only posted the executable and two support files I thought might be required. To be honest Im not sure if the software will run on every computer without the rest of the garbage VB wants to package with it. So please drop me a line......

P.S. Its posted on Geocities so there is a limit to how much can be downloaded. If you get the "This page is passed its hourly limit" message please be patient and try again later

Heres the software ... erv13.html
Just unload trhe contents to your Celestia directory.

Posted: 28.11.2006, 00:38
by MKruer
Create a new thread for this, and see if Selden or Chris will sticky it. Personally I like this, I tried to make one myself but gave up on it after a while. I eventually went back and created my own excel spread sheet to help me generate the data. I will take a more detailed look at it, when I get the time, but right now its the best that I have seen.

I know that a lot of people have been asking for this for quite a while. I think that now that you are posting to the forums more people will reply.



Posted: 28.11.2006, 19:02
by Monolyth
As in the words of Carl Sagan....."I give you billions and billions and billions of thanx"