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SpaceStalker's some Kepler's systems addon.

Posted: 08.11.2020, 19:23
by SpaceStalker
This addon represents 5 planetary systems, discovered by Kepler space telescope: Kepler-9, Kepler-18, Kepler-19, Kepler-24 and Kepler-25.
Structure of this systems is similar: Hot super-earth close to the star and 2 or 3 ice giants a bit further.
There are some additional textures in this addon. You can use them in your creations.
This is still work in progress, so, write if you find bugs and mistakes.

Some orbital elements are not yet entered correctly.

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Posted: 08.11.2020, 23:16
by Sirius_Alpha
A couple points.

You have the TYC ID for some systems but you didn't add it as a prefix (Kepler-19 and Kepler-25). For example, in Kepler-19, you have

Code: Select all

"Kepler-19:KOI-84:KIC 2571238: TYC 3134-1549-1: ...

It would be better to declare the system as

Code: Select all

1015493134 "Kepler-19:KOI-84:KIC 2571238: ...

So that it overwrites the pre-existing star TYC 3134-1549-1 (for those who have the expanded stars.dat file). See this documentation for more. And of course, as was the case in your other .stc files, the spacing in the names is unnecessary.

As you point out, the orbital elements are not correct. The planets are not in a transiting orientation as seen from Sol/Earth. To overcome this, you will need to transform the sky-plane orbital elements (i.e., the orbital elements that you typically find on sites like or the NASA Exoplanet Archive) to Celestia's ecliptic plane system. This can be accomplished using Grant Hutchison's spreadsheets here, or you can just copy-paste orbital elements from the Exoplanet Catalogue addon.

Posted: 09.11.2020, 09:16
by SpaceStalker
Thank you.

If I don't have extended stars data file, will the TYC ID work? Or this system just won't be shown?

Posted: 09.11.2020, 23:09
by Sirius_Alpha
If I don't have extended stars data file, will the TYC ID work? Or this system just won't be shown?
It will still work. If you don't have the star, adding the prefix will create it like normal. If you do have the star though, adding the prefix overwrites it.