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Request to indicate the barycenters of the four gas giants.

Posted: 01.11.2020, 17:06
by Paradigmer

I would like to request an add-on to the Celestia planetarium as an option to indicate the barycenter of Jupiter and Saturn, the barycenter of Uranus and Neptune, and the barycenter of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

These three indicators could be similar to how the planets or objects in the Solar System are being shown and labeled. Simple indications to show their positions in the planetarium would suffice.

The effect I am looking for could be seen with this animation of the Celestia Planetarium.

If it is not too difficult, an option to project a line outward from Sol to SSB (as shown with the yellow line in the image) would be great.

All those other drawn lines as shown in the image are not necessary for they were there for me to calculate the positions of the barycenters.

Would greatly appreciate anyone who could help.