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SpaceStalker's addons

Posted: 01.11.2020, 16:28
by SpaceStalker
Hello eweryone. I recently started creating addons for Celestia.

In this theme I will add my interesting works, so WATCH IT ALL.

This is my Kepler-42 addon. 3 small rocky planets orbiting small dim red dwarf. Planets were discovered by Kepler space telescope in 2012.
I made planets b and c volcanic because of strong tidal forces.

This is download link

Sorry for low quality of screenshots - I test addons on my phone/

Added after 8 minutes 59 seconds:
Addon is only work in progress. Inclination of orbits is not correct.
If you find another errors, please, write.

Sorry for my bad English.

Another addon on Kepler's systems.

Posted: 02.11.2020, 17:03
by SpaceStalker
This is Kepler-70 addon. It represents very odd system. The star is hot blue subdwarf, and planets are very close to it. So, these planets' surface is hotter then the Sun (!!!!!)

If your device is not very fast, please, replace star texture ( see readme file )

Posted: 02.11.2020, 19:36
by Gurren Lagann
Kepler-70's system was sadly disproven a few years ago.

Posted: 02.11.2020, 19:38
by SpaceStalker
On b and c planets are listed as confirmed.

Added after 3 minutes 4 seconds:
Also we can consider the system fictional

Added after 11 minutes 3 seconds:
This is WD 1832+089. It is very massive, hot, fast rotating and small white dwarf, discovered by russian astronomers from SAI MSU. Rread the article for more information.

Added after 6 minutes 36 seconds:
Screenshot of WD

Posted: 02.11.2020, 20:16
by SpaceStalker
Status: preparing for publication and
error correction.

*** Kepler-9,18,19,24, 42,70 and 25 systems.
*** K2-3 system with habitable planet.
*** HD 10180 system (9 planets including 2 unconfirmed)
***Double rouge planet system discovered by 2MASS
*** Stephenson 2-18 the largest star.
*** Some white dwarf planetary systems.
*** HD 40307 system with habitable planet.
*** L 98-59 system.
*** OGLE-2016-BLG-1928 free floating 0.3 Earth mass planet.
*** K2-141 b hell like hot rocky planet with stone rains and lava oceans.
*** BD+20594 b megaearth rocky planet.
*** OGLE-2016-BLG-1195L b frozen ice world.
*** TOI 1338 b circumbinary planet.

Posted: 03.11.2020, 16:46
by SpaceStalker
This is WD 1856+534 system. Massive gas giant or even brown dwarf orbiting close to white dwarf star. Discovered in 2020.

I concider it WD 1856. I made it a Y-type brown dwarf with atmosphere as in SpaceEngine.

Posted: 04.11.2020, 23:22
by TheLostProbe
oh wow, good work!