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Posted: 20.07.2020, 06:22
by TheLostProbe
I feel so bad for yuo fyr ):

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huh why did it go in here

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oh wait I get it, it made a new page lol. Was confused for a sec

Posted: 23.07.2020, 01:43
by TheLostProbe
yo can someone link the CelWP wallpapers? I am at school and want to save them to my personal folder, they look epic

Posted: 23.07.2020, 02:00
by SevenSpheres
TheLostProbe wrote:yo can someone link the CelWP wallpapers? I am at school and want to save them to my personal folder, they look epic (maybe the link should be added to the OP/website/wiki?)

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Also, updated scripts

Posted: 23.07.2020, 23:23
by TheLostProbe
thanks for both Seven (:

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I have made my first pages on the CelWP Wiki on Miraheze
here is the full list of my objects in CelWP so far

here is Quorol's page

Posted: 06.08.2020, 18:54
by fyr02
Release 8.3 patch

to patch release 8, it can either be redownloaded, or the patch files can be downloaded here.

Posted: 10.08.2020, 03:12
by fyr02
CelWP Release 10

Download {323 MB}

Posted: 10.08.2020, 03:50
by TheLostProbe

Posted: 10.08.2020, 15:54
by SevenSpheres
This has been updated again

Posted: 28.08.2020, 08:21
by Trolligi 112477
Hmm, what galaxy should I add CelWP stuff in...

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NGC 604.jpg

NGC 604

hehe, look at all these blue stars!

time to make more wolf-rayets some more blue stars

Posted: 31.08.2020, 04:47
by fyr02
CelWP Release 11
August 29th, 2020

Download {226 MB}

Posted: 31.08.2020, 11:28
by The Minmus Derp

Posted: 31.08.2020, 15:26
by Trolligi 112477
yoy :cyclop:

Posted: 31.08.2020, 15:54
by SevenSpheres
CelWP AutoGen Stars 2
Pisces Dwarf.png

Adds 400,000 stars! Thanks to SevenSpheres and The Minmus Derp for generating the stc files.
Download {25.7 MB}

Also, CelWP Scripts updated for Release 11:

Posted: 31.08.2020, 15:59
by fyr02
How to fix the loading error:

Rename the folder CelWP Release 1-8 --> CelWP Release 08
Rename the folder CelWP Release 9 --> CelWP Release 09

Posted: 20.09.2020, 01:15
by TheLostProbe
R12 soon

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lmao it's been a day I guess I was wrong

Posted: 22.09.2020, 05:32
by fyr02
CelWP Release 12
September 19th, 2020

Download {126 MB}

Posted: 18.10.2020, 04:27
by fyr02
CelWP Release 13 (combined)
October 17th, 2020

Note: this is a combined release, so delete Releases 9-12, as this release has all systems from releases 9-13.
Download {1.5 GB}

SevenSpheres edit: please download R13 from here, not any of the other links.

Posted: 13.12.2020, 03:20
by SevenSpheres
CelWP Release 14
December 12, 2020

Objects added: 2 nebulae, 242 stars, 16 planets, 3478 asteroids, 1999 comets
Download {108 MB}

Posted: 12.02.2021, 13:50
by Trolligi 112477
Bugfix for CelWP R13. There was a glitch which duplicated my stars from R9. This fixes it!


Drive link:

Posted: 12.02.2021, 17:36
by SevenSpheres
I think this should fix all the issues in R13. Thanks to Minmus and Trolligi for reporting bugs and sending bugfixes.

Download {1.25 GB} (last update March 10)

Release 15 soon(?)