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Posted: 03.06.2020, 05:30
by Joey P.
MrSpace43 wrote:No ... "Marsha Speaks" names
Please replace that with "The Fairly OddParents"; I hate MS now. Besides, I never wanted any astronomical body to be named after the characters because of its lack of notability.

You can blacklist FOP too, because, I have to admit, I was (but am no longer) a general pest with that show as well, especially with the Cosmo-Wanda/UVCet thing.

Posted: 03.06.2020, 20:39
by MrSpace43
No, especially because that I made the guidelines and can change them to whatever I please. You need to realize that you do not always get what you please.

Posted: 03.06.2020, 21:53
by Anthony_B_Russo10
I second this.

Posted: 03.06.2020, 21:57
by MrSpace43
Oh hey while at it, do you have any name suggestions for my 2 new planets Anthony? I’m letting people suggest names for these planets I added in yesterday, and the 2 winning names will be announced on June 5.

Posted: 03.06.2020, 22:57
by Joey P.
You need to realize that you do not always get what you please.

I knew that, in fact the reason why I requested that you blacklist FOP too is because I didn't want you to obey my former wishes when I was a pest. Besides, you're the author of the addon. Why should you obey me to name a planet Buxaplenty et al?

Added after 3 minutes 21 seconds:
Additionally, I have two suitable name suggestions: Joppa and Alunsina.

Posted: 03.06.2020, 23:01
by MrSpace43
True, but now that's done and out of the way, let's get back to the main topic of suggesting names.

Posted: 03.06.2020, 23:32
by Anthony_B_Russo10
A name suggestion, how about Kronos for one.

Posted: 04.06.2020, 05:51
by jujuapapa
by Anthony_B_Russo10 » Today, 01:32
A name suggestion, how about Kronos for one.

or Q'onos, the mother planet of klingons ? :eek: :fie:

Posted: 05.06.2020, 20:50
by MrSpace43
Alright! Names have been suggested, and I got a total of 17 names.

And the winning names are... "Kelar" from user "The Minus Derp," and "Kronos" from user Anthony_B_Russo10! Congratulations to both of you!

And thank you to everyone who contributed to naming the 2 planets!

Added after 2 hours 28 minutes:
Kelar has been given textures:

Posted: 06.06.2020, 00:41
by TheLostProbe
MrSpace43 wrote:I'm not the kind of person who takes things well and easily gets angered.
Welcome to my squad

Posted: 14.06.2020, 14:04
by trappistplanets

thats sad

Posted: 14.06.2020, 16:17
by MrSpace43
Ok maybe can we not? It was fine for just that one reply, but we need to stay on topic.

Posted: 14.06.2020, 17:26
by Gurren Lagann
I agree with MrSpace43. Why not leave the terrible past alone, and think about the future?

Posted: 25.06.2020, 11:46
by trappistplanets
so is the onis system back on development?

Posted: 25.06.2020, 17:06
by MrSpace43
Bruh I never canceled it.

Posted: 26.06.2020, 11:35
by trappistplanets
ime confused :think:

Posted: 26.06.2020, 18:37
by MrSpace43
I never said that it was canceled and asking if it is back in development does not mean that it is. It only is if I decide to continue working on it.

Posted: 26.06.2020, 18:46
by trappistplanets
oh ok