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Phantom Planet (and other Danny Phantom stuff) for Celestia

Posted: 09.08.2019, 21:25
by Joey P.
(Note: I have already sent a private request message to fsgregs asking him to do this, so he might have already started development on the addon.)
Is it possible to make an addon and/or script that depicts the Danny Phantom finale, "Phantom Planet"?
Basically, a satellite of Saturn (nicknamed the "Disasteroid") achieves independence and heads towards Earth, but because the protagonist turned the planet intangible (well in Celestia everything is intangible), the asteroid passes straight through the planet.
Also, the 12th "Dannyversary" of that episode is in 14 days (but let's not go off topic).

Edit: fsgregs is no longer able to create an addon and script for the episode.

Posted: 09.08.2019, 22:46
by SpaceFanatic64
That might seem easy, but it's more complex than it seems. First of all, you'll need to show Disasteroid in orbit around Saturn before it achieved independence. Second, when it achieves independence, an xyzv trajectory will need to be created to send it on a collision course. Finally, you have two choices. After it passes through Earth, you can have its orbit modified so that it orbits around the sun, or right after it passes through Earth, it disappears. I know nothing about making trajectories, but toutatis does. Also, you'll need to use the timeline function in the ssc file to make it transition between orbiting and collision course.

Posted: 12.08.2019, 07:42
by Joey P.
Danny Phantom characters as stars:

Code: Select all

"Daniel Danny Fenton:Danny Phantom:Daniel Fenton:Daniel:Danny:Danny Fenton:Danny Pulsar"
   RA 107.7430367
   Dec -77.7775654
   Distance 7.72
   SpectralType "Q"
   AppMag 20
   Radius 12
   Texture "bstar.*"
   InfoURL ""

"Dan Phantom:Dark Danny:3C58:Quark Star"
   RA 360.0
   Dec 62.1
   Distance 10000
   SpectralType "Q"
   AppMag 8.17
   Radius 10
        Texture "Quark-night.png"

"Tucker Foley:V436 Cep"
   RA 327.8769212
   Dec 57.7807745
   Distance 120
   SpectralType "G5III"
   AppMag 2.1
   Radius 14968300

"Samantha Sam Manson:Sam Manson"
   RA 357.77771264
   Dec 63.7894944
   Distance 71.29
   SpectralType "O2V"
   AppMag 1.995   
   Radius 12531600

"Penelope Spectra"
   RA 316.7918875
   Dec 38.88521167
   Distance 1283
   AppMag 5.29
   SpectralType "WNh"
   Radius 31329000

"Vlad Masters:Thorne-Zytkow object:TZO"
   RA 128.7918875
   Dec -21.27388521167
   Distance 12950
   AppMag 6.92
   SpectralType "M1Ia"
   Radius 1336007800

"Vlad Plasmius:Thorne-Zytkow object core:Neutron Star core"
   RA 128.7918875
   Dec -21.27388521167
   Distance 12950
   AppMag 15
   SpectralType "Q"
   Radius 12.5
# Jazz is Y Canum Venaticorum, Maddie is Antares, and Jack is Betelgeuse - to get them for your Celestia, modify your starnames.dat file and edit the entries for Antares, Betelgeuse, and Y CVn by adding the "Maddie Fenton", "Jack Fenton", and "Jazz Fenton" aliases to them respectively.

Posted: 15.08.2019, 23:39
by Joey P.
Could anyone please call Toutatis over here and make a trajectory? Thanks.

Posted: 17.08.2019, 03:51
by SpaceFanatic64
You could try private messaging him, but he is usually busy, so it might take a while for him to get back to you.

Posted: 17.08.2019, 20:57
by Joey P.
This addon adds the Ghost Zone in one of the Earth's Lagrange points.

Posted: 19.08.2019, 06:36
by Joey P.
Anyone made a .ssc for the Disasteroid yet?

Posted: 22.08.2019, 20:41
by Joey P.
I've also modified the names of Luyten 726-8 so that they are named after the protagonists of Danny Phantom's sister show - The Fairly Odd Parents.
BL Ceti (Luyten 726-8 A) is now Wanda; UV Ceti (Luyten 726-8) is now Cosmo.

Posted: 23.08.2019, 00:40
by Anthony_B_Russo10
I put all of the stars into their own independent .stc file. And on a slightly interesting note, the Ghost Zone is in the exact same place where I have Theia.
2019-08-22 (5).png

Posted: 23.08.2019, 01:15
by Joey P.
Indeed, I copied your code; sorry if that offended you!

Posted: 23.08.2019, 01:20
by Joey P.
Someone should make an .stc with full declarations of Antares, Betelgeuse, and Y CVn, giving them the names "Maddie Fenton", "Jack Fenton", and "Jazz Fenton" respectively, without deleting any of their original names. The full declaration should also correct their sizes to 800, 950, and 215 solar solar radii respectively.

Posted: 23.08.2019, 01:23
by Anthony_B_Russo10
That's okay, the stuff I make is free use anyway (including my textures).

Posted: 23.08.2019, 02:29
by Joey P.
Does anyone know where to get good, detailed neutron star textures?

Posted: 23.08.2019, 03:28
by Anthony_B_Russo10
There is this pulsar texture made by Edasich on the Motherlode.

Posted: 23.08.2019, 05:00
by Joey P.
Seen that already, any other ones?

Added after 9 minutes 55 seconds:
Going back to the Disasteroid, here is a reasonable .ssc code for it:

Code: Select all

"Disasteroid" "Sol/Saturn"
   Texture       "exo-class5.jpg"
   Mesh      "650 amalasuntha.cmod"
   Radius      450
   MeshCenter [ 0.692 -1.454 -0.422 ]

       Epoch             2453005.5   # 2007 Aug 23 00:00UT
       Period            0.6285036
       SemiMajorAxis     139283
       Eccentricity      0.0042
       Inclination       0.0522
       AscendingNode   290.0163
       LongOfPericenter 10.4899
       MeanLongitude   183.46961

   # orientate meridian at epoch
       Epoch    2453005.5   # 2004 Jan 1 00:00UT
       MeridianAngle 66

   Albedo 0.6

FYI, today is the day the finale first aired.

Posted: 23.08.2019, 20:06
by Joey P.

It appears almost exactly like it did in the original scene.

Added after 3 minutes 53 seconds:
If Celestia can play audio (I think it can with the Educational Version), someone will either have to convert the episode to an audio file (only if legal) and allow Celestia to play it with the script.

Posted: 23.08.2019, 20:59
by Joey P.
Daniel's texture for now is the standard bstar texture for Celestia (standard Celestia uses the astar texture for neutron stars).

Posted: 24.08.2019, 06:43
by Joey P.
On a similar note, here is the code for a fictional, Danny Phantom-based version of the real star Przybylski's Star (HD 101065):

Code: Select all

"Przybylski's Star:Ectoranium Star:HD 101065"
RA 220
Dec -62
Distance 355
SpectralType "F"
AppMag 7.997
Color [ 0 0.75 0.25 ]

(based on this forum post)

In this fictional representation of of Przybylski's Star, it is made of ectoranium (the same fictional element that the Disasteroid is made out of). In my opinion, Ectoranium is element 119, which is stable because it lies in the Island of Stability. A prevailing theory behind the chemical peculiarities of Przybylski's Star is that it contains elements in the Island of Stability.

Posted: 25.08.2019, 01:19
by Joey P.
Maybe we can do a comparison of the Danny Phantom stars, just like what is done here:

Posted: 26.08.2019, 05:48
by Joey P.
Any addons yet pertaining to the original plot?