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help me a bit

Posted: 07.04.2018, 19:18
by themartian
hello guys, i wanted to make a star trek fan fiction series but need to know, how do i make the nacelles and deflector dish bright? i'm using 3ds files and modeling on wings 3d, i know i can use the material but i tried some time ago to do that and the material didn't bright on celestia, so i need some help

here some pics of the uss leviathan(the starring ship)





Posted: 08.04.2018, 18:29
by selden
If you make the glowing portions completely separate models, you can use the SSC directive
Emissive true

I think you can use the Material Editor in Wings3D to define various materials which include the emissive characteristic and then you can apply them to appropriate faces of the model. I'm not familiar with Wings3D, though, so someone else will have to help you with the details. The copies of the manual that I found during a quick search of the Web seem to be missing the illustrations of the menus.

Posted: 10.04.2018, 16:55
by themartian
thanks selden but i already had some experiences with celestia and knew that to make colors see in a 3ds model the materials had to actually be separated objects, but i'll try emissive true, thx

Posted: 11.04.2018, 20:40
by fungun
Download this Addon I made. It has ships with the "lighted" textures like you are trying to do. I use Anim8or 3D instead of Wings, never liked that one as much. They should be converted to "cmod" though.
Any questions, just ask.


Posted: 15.04.2018, 17:00
by Masum
I'm using windows 10,,64 bit and celestial isn't installing,.
How to install it?

Posted: 18.04.2018, 12:57
by selden

Exactly what version of Windows 10 are you running? Home? Pro? Insider? What release number or update?

Which version of Celestia are you trying to install?

Exactly what error messages are you getting? Please provide a screen-grab.

The original installer for Celestia v1.6.1 worked fine for me under Windows 10 Pro, Fall Creators Update. It's available at ... estia-win32-1.6.1.exe/download

During the installation you can specify where Celestia should be installed. By default it'll try to install Celestia into "Program Files (x86)". That is no longer appropriate. Windows 10 has become much more protective of its Program folders than previous versions of Windows, so you should tell the installer to put Celestia somewhere else. I use C:\MyPrograms\Celestia\ but you could put it in your Downloads folder instead.

Posted: 19.04.2018, 20:09
by themartian
Selden, where do i find Celetia 1.7?

Posted: 19.04.2018, 21:12
by selden

Unfortunately, there are several variants of v1.7, all with different features and/or bugs. Several different people have been working on their own versions and have not yet come to a consensus. If you want to create addons, it's better to develop under v1.6.1, since that's what most people have.

For more information, see viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18014&p=138306#p138306