How to position galaxies?

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How to position galaxies?

Post #1by LukeCEL » 07.01.2018, 15:32

Hi everyone,

Astronomers use inclination and position angle to specify galaxy positions. Inclination is a measure of how tilted the galaxy plane is relative to the line-of-sight (where 0° is a face-on galaxy and 90° is an edge-on galaxy). Position angle is the how far the major axis of a galaxy appears to be rotated from the north celestial pole.

Does anyone know how to position galaxies so they point in the correct direction? I know you are supposed to use the Axis and Angle parameters, but how you get the number from these two parameters and the galaxy's coordinates I'm not sure.

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Post #2by selden » 07.01.2018, 15:44

Grant Hutchison wrote a spreadsheet to help place DSC objects "face on" toward the Sun. You might be able to modify it to generate output for other inclinations.


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