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How to create cross-index files from data?

Posted: 04.01.2018, 15:42
by LukeCEL
A long time ago, when I downloaded Grant Hutchinson and Pascal Hartmann's Star Database, I noticed that there was no HD index or SAO index, so all the new stars had none of those designations to go along with them. SourceForge has some tools but I have little to no successful experience with using the tools. So, I created a slower, STC-based one, which I put below.

I have two questions:

1. How does one convert an existing cross index to a human-readable format?

2. How does one convert a human-readable cross index, like the one I put in the attachment below, to a DAT file? (i.e. what I should type into Terminal)

Thanks in advance.

Posted: 04.01.2018, 16:45
by John Van Vliet
have you looked in the source code ?
read the README file

Posted: 04.01.2018, 16:59
by Janus
Before going to lots of trouble like this will be, you should contact Art Blos about the Celestia-Origin project.
I believe they already include all of the information in that collection.
Their stars.dat is the same size the one you reference above.


Posted: 04.01.2018, 17:29
by LukeCEL
John Van Vliet, I have looked at the source code and the README file. But, when it says this:

Code: Select all

The command line is:

makexindex [<input file> [<output file>]]

I don't know what to type, and where to type it.

Janus, am I just extremely dense, or is there no hdindex.dat or saoindex.dat in the Celestia Origin project?

Posted: 04.01.2018, 18:15
by Janus

Those files are present, though mine at least has a zero byte starnames.dat file.

If you are looking for a ready to run, you can grab it from my downloads.

Look in Celestia-Origin for

Or you can grab the 7z or zip files if you prefer.
Entirely up to you.