Request: 'Oumuamua

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Request: 'Oumuamua

Post #1by vpontin » 30.11.2017, 02:34

Hi! Can someone make a simple SSC (or STC) file for this object?

It's the first passing interstellar object detected, so it would be a good thing to add in Celestia.

The oddly thing is this is almost a cigar-shaped object (some folks are believing this is a bracewell probe).

I had some knowledge making simple objects in SSC, but zero to make a hyperbolic object like this.


Thanks in advance.

Art Blos M
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Post #2by Art Blos » 30.11.2017, 05:58

I have already created a preliminary version of this asteroid. A little later I will add an elongated form.
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Post #3by abramson » 30.11.2017, 18:54

Sure. Unzip in your Extras folder. The ssc contains both a keplerian orbit and a trajectory generated with JPL Horizons.

The problem with the keplerian orbit is that Celestia does not show the trajectory of hyperbolic orbits even if the object is selected. But otherwise, both work. The sampled trajectory is activated by default, the other one is commented out in the ssc.

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Post #4by vpontin » 18.12.2017, 02:37

I will stick with abramson version for a while

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