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How to do an Hyperbola orbit

Posted: 16.11.2017, 02:07
by www2
Hi i wand to know how to create an Hyperbola orbit in Celestia.
The problem is that i can not see my orbit in Celestia and i dont to know what i do wrong.

Here is the an orbit in question

Code: Select all

"Foo" "Sol"
   Class "asteroid"
   Mesh "asteroid.cms"
   Texture "asteroid.jpg"
   Radius 0.003

      Period             1.6529315702934964 #calculated: (q/(1-e))**1.5
      SemiMajorAxis       1.3979873761011125071390927678706969539817
      Eccentricity       1.565794931  # e
      Inclination        24.356564    # Incl.
      AscendingNode      90.1955    # Node
      ArgOfPericenter    47.23    # Peri.
      MeanAnomaly       -47.23       # position at T
      Epoch               2355273.34528    # T

#   RotationPeriod  30.4
#   Albedo  0.33

Posted: 16.11.2017, 05:12
by Art Blos
It should be so.

To display a hyperbolic orbit, you need to create a XYZV-file.

Posted: 16.11.2017, 14:10
by FarGetaNik
Does Celestia recognize your object? In theory it will handle eccentricities over 1 without a problem. It does not render the orbit though if it's hyperbolic. If you want the orbit to still be displayed, you need a xyz or xyzv definition, but this could prove difficult if your object is ficticious.

Here is an example for a working hyperbolic orbit definition:

Code: Select all

         Epoch       2462866.5      # 2030-Dec-31
         Period        5.782941659
         SemiMajorAxis    -3.221804675
         Eccentricity     3.728814489
         Inclination    35.79466491
         AscendingNode   179.1546432
         ArgOfPericenter   338.1701675
         MeanAnomaly    3178.888294

As you can see the "SemiMajorAxis" should be negative for hyperbolic orbits, or use a positive "PericenterDistance" parameter instead.