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ISS from zarya

Posted: 10.09.2017, 03:10
by themartian
hey, i was looking on the web for iss construction addons, and the only i found was simply too heavy for my pc, so i went on the idea of making my own in low resolution, i was thinking on also make all the spacelfight history in 1 addon, so here is the start, making the ISS

i will first make the model of the things and then start to make anything on celestia, but first i have to think what modeller i will use

so wish me luck! :wink:

Posted: 10.09.2017, 11:21
by selden

As a possible starting point, there is the ISS model that comes with Celestia.

The one that's included with Celestia v1.5.1 is in 3DS format, so it can be easily imported by most 3D modellers.

Posted: 10.09.2017, 18:36
by themartian
well, i'm gona make a model of each module and position it around zarya so that it looks like is docked, the solar pannels will be orbiting around the modules that have them, and will have a rotation period of 365.25 days for keeping towards the sun, i will have issues with S and P truss solar pannels, but i will go for that later

i'm now modelling zarya, the solar pannels and the PMAs

Posted: 12.09.2017, 03:16
by themartian

here is the zarya module, i'm so excited

Posted: 12.09.2017, 11:09
by selden
Looks like a good start!

Do you plan to make it possible to see the ISS develop, with each module viewable in its historic configurations, or only as the final assembly?

Posted: 12.09.2017, 16:52
by themartian
historic configs, i will put the z1, and then the p6 over, then when p5 s docked i will delete the actual position of the p6 and move it to its final position, also the pirs will dissappear before the station reentry for give space for nauka

also the zarya pannels will be retracted right before docking the s1

PMA of the unity on outside will be moved away to the destiny port



Posted: 13.09.2017, 18:27
by themartian
unity has arrived!, still have to make model of STS for making it better


Posted: 17.09.2017, 06:32
by bh
Good luck with this project...

[email protected] has already done a super detailed ISS construction scenario here

Posted: 17.09.2017, 08:11
by john71
bh, Oh. My. God. Whoa. Very nice add-on!

Posted: 17.09.2017, 11:15
by selden
A set of wallpapers based on [email protected]'s models and created using Celestia is available at

Posted: 17.09.2017, 18:20
by themartian
spiderman, ahem, peterparker welcome to the forums

now with P6 truss and the other stuff


ESP-1 is in the other side of destiny lab

canadarm is clearly seen from below the radiator over destiny, the craft docked on the back is a progres, on the bottom is a zoyuz with expedition-2

Posted: 17.09.2017, 18:33
by selden
Looking good!

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Posted: 17.09.2017, 18:47
by themartian
thanks, my pc is quite bad and i don't want to make a hihg res impression, and also i don't wanna spend too many time on this

Posted: 17.09.2017, 19:32
by selden
Details shown in surface texture images can often hide the fact that the underlying objects have a low polygon count.